Training & Grooming

Things you will need to crate train and groom your Siberian Husky dog.

A Dog Crate

It is highly recommended that you crate train your Husky. They can become extremely bored when you aren't at home and have been known to tear up entire couches, beds and other expensive pieces of furniture and belongings when boredom sets in the for the dog.


The Husky sheds year round and "blows" their coat twice each year.  Daily grooming is recommended but brushing them once per week is the minimum that the owner should do to make sure that their coat doesn't become over run with loose hair and the house becomes coated with a nice layer of Siberian Husky hair!  You might want to check out the article I wrote, How to Groom a Siberian Husky for the quickest and most efficient way that I have found to brush these dogs.