Sophie's Story

My Sophie
Sophie was 8 years old when I started this website and now she is living life at the old age of 13.  She is a copper and white female Siberian Husky.  She has been with me for the past six years and I wouldn't trade her for the world.  She has a lot of the typical Husky traits.  She's intelligent, head strong and will protest anything that she doesn't want to do without thinking twice.  She's my best friend and I love her dearly.

I had given it some deep thought and decided that I wanted to adopt a dog.  Like many Husky owners, I fell in love with the Siberian Husky's looks years ago before it was possible for me to have one.  I've had dogs my entire life but had never had a Husky.  Many of my friends did and I saw first hand how interesting their personalities were.  I decided that the Husky would be it so I started on my search for her.

Late one evening, I was online at the site and I came across a rescue organization based here in Indianapolis that dealt strictly with the Siberian Husky.  Sophie was on their webpage as available for adoption, although they had named her Iris.  She was very underweight being full grown and tipping the scale at 19 pounds when Animal Control picked her up.  If you know the proper weight of a female Sibe, you just cringed like I did.  Her normal weight is between 45 and 50 pounds.  The rescue put 10 pounds on her before the adoption was finished.

It was a little rough going for the first couple of weeks as she and I got to know each other.  At first I was a little taken back by her aloofness toward me.  I never expected her be all "in my face" because that's just not what a Husky does but I've never had a dog flat outright ignore me before her.  She's funny that way!

Sophie a month after I brought her home.
She started slowly gaining weight and had finally put enough weight on that I could schedule her spay surgery.  The starvation not only delayed her surgery, it also did some damage to her digestive system.  Sophie's stomach was so sensitive that every so often her body went into haywire and it was awful for her and I both.  The vet said it would take time and that she may never be "normal" because of the starvation.

Slowly but surely over the years that part has improved immensely.  I jokingly said that my goal in life was to feed her so much that I couldn't feel her ribs.  I recently discovered when brushing her that I've reached that goal.  That dog is happier now than I think she has ever been in her life!

Another problem that had to be overcome with Sophie was her fear and aggression toward men.  She literally hated them.  Her foster mom from the rescue told me that their best guess was that her original home either had a man that beat her or she witnessed a man beating a woman.  It's up in the air but I will say that one trait that she has that the typical Husky does not have is that if she sees anyone as a threat toward me, she will protect me.

Sophie is comfortable with us here, as she should be.  She will live out the rest of her days loved, protected and very well fed.  She had a rough start in life that lasted for her first two years.  I only hope that if she remembers any of that, that they are faint memories that only rarely cross her mind.


  1. Such a beautiful story! Definitely touched my heart because I also adopted an 8 month old Sibe (named Husky) about 2 months ago, him being my first dog to ever own, can you believe it?!...Such an interesting and intelligent breed...despite all of his "mischief" I love him dearly and wouldn't trade him for any other pet in the world!!

    1. They are a wonderful breed! Sophie has been a real joy over the years. :) The mischief is part of the fun!

  2. Omg this jusr made me cry a little...gotta love huskies!!

  3. If they are the kind of dogs to catch mice and other things then why all this food they say is the best for your Siberian Husky?

  4. My 5 month old Sibe killed my daughter's cat Saturday. It was very shocking. I'm worried because we have 3 more cats in our home.