How Much Exercise Does a Siberian Husky Need?

Sophie relaxing after a few hours of hard play.
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The Siberian Husky dog has a lot of energy and I do mean a lot.  They need to be exercised every day which makes them an excellent companion for families with energetic children and singles that get out and about on a daily basis.  If your husky is not getting enough exercise, it can cause some serious behavioral problems.

One of the first thing that happens with my husky when she doesn't receive enough exercise is pacing.  She will walk through the house non-stop.  While it can be annoying, it's not really what I would call a behavioral issue.

Destructive behavior is very common with a Siberian Husky that is not receiving enough exercise every day.  They will tear something up and these dogs are masters of destruction.  I've seen instances where a bored sibe completely obliterated their owner's couch.  Then again, I made the mistake of taking a nap because I was really tired and bypassed Sophie's hour long walk and when I woke up the blinds on the patio door were torn to pieces because she was energetic and bored.

Digging is another Siberian Husky trait that can come out in dogs that are not receiving enough exercise.  While this is not the only cause of your husky turning your yard into swiss cheese, in some huskies, more exercise solves the problem pretty quickly.

Walking Sophie in one of our favorite spots.
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In order to understand the amount of energy and the source, you have to look at this breed's history.  These dogs were bread to pull heavy loads across frozen ground.  That means that they had to be high energy.  The Siberian Husky is like the dog version of a triathlete and as the old saying goes, you can take the dog out of the frozen tundra and their original job but unfortunately evolution hasn't taken away their energy or their urge to run.

Not all huskies are the same and some do require more exercise than others.  Sophie had quite a bit more energy when she was younger than she does today so our exercise sessions aren't as long as they used to be but they are still fun and enjoyable for both of us.  Simply playing ball for an hour in the backyard with your husky can help get rid of a lot of your dog's energy.  Walks or runs are great too but just remember to keep your dog on a leash or a longer training leash because they have no sense of home and are easily lost.

No matter what activity you choose to do with your Siberian Husky to help them spend their energy stores, do something.  Help them get that energy out and you'll have a much happier husky and be a much happier husky owner.

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  1. Good analysis of behavioral problems

  2. I'm looking at a Lab (or Golden retriever?) female Husky cross at the local shelter. The probability of me getting her is very low, since I've been begging for a dog for almost 8 years since my Australian Cattle Dog/Sharpei mix Wiley passed away. (I'm an adult, but still living at home, caregiving for a parent full time. Long story.) She's beautiful, a light yellow with those icy blue husky eyes. Anyway, I like the dog for the fluffy look and the exercise potential. (I'm not a runner, but I actually need to lose weight. If I had a dog, it would encourage exercise.) This was very informative, thanks for providing all this information.