Should You Brush Your Siberian Husky Before Bathing Them?

After brushing Sophie...
Siberian Huskies shed and they shed a lot.  I sometimes wonder when I'm brushing Sophie where all of that hair comes from and how in the world she isn't bald.  Huskies shed year round and will "blow" their coats twice a year which increases the amount of hair to an unfathomable amount.

Huskies are generally regarded as a dog breed that will keep themselves clean with their own grooming habits but there is always that one dog that doesn't quite get it right so bathing becomes necessary.  With the amount of hair that these dogs lose, it raises the question of whether or not you should brush the dog out before attempting to bathe them.

If you are giving your Sibe a bath indoors, brushing them before hand can remove a lot of the hair that would ultimately end up in your drain pipes.  As we all know, an accumulation of hair in drain pipes can lead to clogging which can ultimately lead to a visit from your local plumber to eliminate that problem.

I never bathe Sophie in my bath tub and the shedding hair is the reason why.  She is bathed outside in her baby pool or in the grass with a water hose that is hooked up to the sink in my basement.  I use luke warm water that will be comfortable for her and help get her hair and skin clean.  When bathing a Siberian Husky outside, it makes brushing optional although I can tell you that if I don't brush her first the shedding hair sticks to everything including the water hose, the grass around us and me.

There are no real rules when it comes to answering this question.  I think it is probably more personal preference of the person giving the dog the bath taking into consideration what can happen if the dog is not brushed before hand.

What is your opinion on brushing your husky before bathing them?  You can share your opinion/experience in the comment section below or on our Facebook page.

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  1. Either way it's hairy lol. I have a 4 year old Siberian named bruin with long hair. The odd time I bathe him inside I put a screen in the drain. Have to empty it a few times to unplug the drain. I like to groom him after his bath.