5 Important Things to Know Before You Adopt or Buy a Siberian Husky Puppy or Dog

I think that everyone can agree that the Siberian Husky is an amazingly beautiful dog.  They come in a range of coat colors and their eye color can range from dark brown to brilliant blue.  Some huskies, including my Sophie, can have an eye that shares both brown and blue in the same iris.  They are simply gorgeous dogs.

If you haven't been around the Siberian Husky dog breed and are considering adopting or buying one, there are a few things that you really need to know and take into consideration before making that decision.  The more informed you are about the breed, the better decision you can make for yourself and your family.  It is never a good idea to decide on a dog breed without knowing the specific traits that are unique to that breed.

Here are 5 things that you need to know before making the decision that the Siberian Husky is a good breed match for you:
Sophie after being brushed.
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They Shed

I'm not talking about just a little hair here and there either.  These dogs CONSTANTLY shed and they shed a lot.  In the 10 years that I have had Sophie, I have had to buy a new vacuum cleaner almost every year because if you don't use one on a daily basis the hair will literally take over your house.

The majority of the shedding is from their downy undercoat.  Huskies have two different layers of hair.  The original purpose was to insulate the dog in freezing temps.  You have to remember they were bred to live in extremely cold climates and that downy undercoat helped them to be able to survive.

The picture that you see on the left is after one of Sophie's brushing sessions.  Yes, that is a lot of hair and yes, this is completely normal for a healthy Siberian Husky.

I always advise to brush a Siberian Husky as often as you can, every day for a few minutes is ideal,  If you don't brush them, all of that hair will end up in your home and your vacuum and no, shaving them does not help and is in fact harmful to the dog.  Never shave a Siberian Husky.

Another grooming must do on most Siberian Husky dogs is trimming the hair on their feet.  It grows long to protect the pads of their feet in from ice and snow.

They Can be Stubborn

Oh my gosh can these dogs be stubborn.  You have to establish yourself as the "pack leader" or boss as quickly as possible with the Siberian Husky or they will seriously rail road you.  These dogs do best when some sort of training reinforcement is done every day so they remember who the pack leader is, you. 

Sophie is in her golden years and still tries to test me on occasion although it isn't as often as she did when she was younger.  I have to remind her that when I tell her to do something that it isn't optional.  Over the years, she has come to understand the words "It's not an option Sophie."

They Can be Odd With Food

The questions that we receive the most about Siberian Huskies are about food and feeding.  These dogs generally do not eat like other dog breeds do.  They normally do not finish a bowl of food at one sitting.  You will notice that they will go to the bowl, take a couple of bites and walk away.  A few hours later, they may go back and do the same thing.  They are grazers.

Weight loss is always a concern because of the way these dogs usually eat.  It's important to feed a husky a high protein diet because of their eating habits and because they are such a high energy dog breed.

Treats are always a welcome sight to any dog but please make sure you are feeding the best treats and food that you can afford to provide.

They are Extremely High Energy

The Siberian Husky was bred to pull heavy sleds across ice covered terrain for hours at a time.  Just because you decide that you want one as a family pet will not change the fact that the husky was created for exhausting work that requires a lot of energy to accomplish.

Some of these dogs can be unbelievably energetic.  When Sophie was younger, she required a couple of hours of exercise per day or I received the brunt of her boredom on getting her energy out.  They can become very destructive if they don't get enough exercise and nothing in the house is off limits for their destructive behavior triggered by boredom and energy build up.

At one point I even resorted to taking her to doggy day care a few times a week so she could get all of her energy out.  She loved it.  Came home exhausted every day and my final thought on it was that it was money very well spent.

Now that she is older, her exercise requirements are about half of what they used to be. 

Most Have No Sense of Home

There are so many Siberian Husky dogs that are lost every year because they escape their back yards and can't find their way back home.  These dogs were bred to go from place to place so the built in homing sense that most dog breeds have is completely lost on the Siberian Husky. 
They are escape artists which doesn't help with this problem and if not exercised properly, they will eventually find a way out to run. 

Hopefully these five things will help you make the right decision on whether or not this type of dog is best for you.  Be sure to visit our Facebook page for more of All Things Husky!  

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