The Best Chew Toys for Siberian Husky Puppies

By lexie franco from northridge, united states (Huskies 093)
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All breeds of puppies chew.  You may walk into a room and find the leg of your coffee table with little teeth marks in it and your shoes destroyed.  It can be frustrating but there is something that you can do to help eliminate your frustration.  It's simple.  Provide your puppy with plenty of chew toys.

Why do Puppies Chew on Things?

The quick and easy answer to this question is because puppies are teething and chewing helps relieve the pain that they are feeling in their gums.

Choosing the Right Chew Toy for Your Puppy

When you are looking for the perfect chew toy for your puppy, you'll want to keep a few things in mind.

  • Shape of the toy is important.  The puppy will not be able to tell the difference between YOUR house slippers and a toy that looks like a house slipper.
  • If you have children in the house, stay away from toys that look like stuffed animals.  Again the puppy will not be able to tell the difference between a child's stuffed animal and his/her toy.
  • Be aware of small pieces that can break off of the chew toy that can choke a puppy.

How to Get Your Puppy to Recognize His/Her Chew Toys

It can be extremely frustrating with some puppies but with a little time and dedication, the damage to your personal items can be kept to a minimum.

When you catch the puppy chewing on something that they shouldn't be chewing on, give the puppy a firm "no" and replace whatever it is that they were chewing on with one of their own chew toys.  This helps the puppy recognize what is good to chew on and what isn't.  

The Importance of Variety in Puppy Chew Toys

It's a good idea to provide more than one chew toy for your teething puppy.  It will help keep the puppy interested in the toys and will help them by being able to choose the level of firmness that they need at that time or relieving the pain in their gums from teething.

Types of Chew Toys for Teething Puppies

There are SO many different types of chew toys available today for puppies.

Thinks You Should NEVER Give Your Puppy to Chew On

  • Sticks because they can splinter and the puppy can swallow small pieces that can cause problems in the digestive system.
  • Real bones for the same reason you shouldn't give them sticks.
  • Toys that are shaped like anything that you do not want the puppy to chew on.  Again, puppies can not tell the difference between your house slipper and a toy that is shaped like a house slipper.
  • Human baby toys because puppies chew is a lot harder than a human baby's chew.
If you have any questions about choosing a great chew toy for your Siberian Husky Puppy, feel free to visit our Facebook page and post your question or leave it in the comment section below.


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