What Not to Feed a Siberian Husky

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We receive a LOT of questions about feeding over at our Siberian Husky Facebook page.  It is the most common question that new Sibe owners want to know about.  The Siberian Husky dog breed, just like all dog breeds, have their little things that are breed specific and food and feeding are a couple of those things that rightfully cause owners to become concerned if they don't know much about the Husky breed and their eating habits.

Huskies are grazers.  Meaning that they don't generally stand at their bowl and eat until the food is gone.  They will come to the bowl, take a few bites then come back later for another nibble.  They also don't appear to eat what most people believe is enough food for their size.  For those two reasons, the quality and content of what you feed your Siberian Husky is extremely important.  Don't think quantity, think quality when it comes to dog food.

I don't know how many times I've had owners tell me that they are feeding their dog a type of dog food that is full of fillers.  I'm not going to name any specific dog food brands but I will explain to you why the brand of food you feed your Husky is important for weight management and health of the dog and how you can determine if a brand of food that you are looking at to buy is the best dog food that is available to you.  

The key to finding the right food for your dog is to read the ingredient label on the side of the bag.  If anything other than a type of meat is listed as the first ingredient, that food is not going to provide your Siberian Husky with the nutrition that they need.

Why do Huskies Require High Protein Food?

Huskies are a very high energy breed.  They require a food that is high in protein to keep them healthy and their weight at the proper level.  They were originally bred to pull sleds across frozen land for long periods of time which required a lot of high-quality foods such as fish and venison that their owners brought to feed them along the journey.  Your Sibe may not pull a sled but his/her ancestors did and that's what the Siberian Husky is designed for by nature.

Just because you take the dog out of the tundra doesn't mean you take the tundra out of the dog.

What to Avoid in Your Siberian Husky's Dog Food

Now that you know what type of food you should be feeding your Siberian Husky and why the dog requires it, it's time to know what red flags to look for when you are shopping for dog food.

  • Never feed your Siberian Husky dog food that has any type of animal "meal" as the first ingredient.  Meal is NOT muscle meat and the nutritional value as well as the origin can vary.
  • Never feed your Siberian Husky a dog food that lists simply "meat" as an ingredient.  You will never know what type of meat it is and it could very well be meat from euthanized dogs/cats.
  • Never feed your Siberian Husky a dog food that has an overabundance of filler ingredients such as corn or soy.  Filler ingredients are exactly what they sound like, fillers to bulk up the food.
  What to Look for in Your Dog's Food

Some of the things that you want to look for when deciding what food is best for your Siberian Husky dog are actually pretty easy to remember.

  • Look for a dog food that lists a specific meat as the first ingredient.
  • Look for a dog food that has fewer ingredients.
  • Look for a dog food that doesn't have a lot of artificial colorings or preservatives.
Other Options to Consider When Feeding a Siberian Husky

There are a few options besides purchasing dog food that any Siberian Husky owner can consider when it comes to feeding their Sibe.

  • Feeding homemade, cooked dog food.
  • Feeding a raw meat diet.
  • Feeding a cooked meat diet.
No matter how you go about feeding your Siberian Husky, if you follow a few simple guidelines that are specific to the breed you will be successful at keeping a happy, healthy Sibe that is able to maintain their weight and keep you company for years to come.

**I'm going to stress to you that I am not a veterinarian.  This article is based on my experience with my Siberian Husky Sophie and from research that I have done on the subject.**


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