The Best Chew Toy for a Siberian Husky- The Kong Chew Toy

I am one of those dog owners that is lucky enough to have an older female Siberian Husky and a younger Red Tick Hound mix that appear to understand the concept of sharing.  I never expected that to happen in a million years. Sophie, the Husky, received her Kong toy over eight (yes, you read that correctly, it's now been eight) years ago to give her something to do when she was cooped up inside her kennel while I was gone at work. Eight years later, that same Kong toy is a little battered but is still surprisingly holding up well.  After EIGHT years of chewing and playing.
The Kong came to mind when looking for a great, indestructible dog toy because quite frankly, Sophie is hard on her toys and a heavy persistent chewer. She loves tennis balls, but they only last about 30 minutes of play time before being ripped to shreds. A few of my friends that have dogs commented to me that the Kong was a great toy for a dog that had a hard chew so I tried it.  Originally for Sophie, my Siberian Husky, and it has held up perfectly.
Now that Spudward is around, the Kong has been serving double duty. They will share it as long as there is no treat inside. Yes, my dogs play with this toy even when it's just plain ol' rubber with nothing interesting about it. That says a lot about a dog toy!

Kong Keeps the Dog Occupied!

Spudward taking a break from chewing
on the shared, 8 year old, Kong toy.
Kongs are not only indestructible, they are a great toy for keeping a dog or puppy occupied. The center of this hard rubber toy is hollow so it can be filled with a number of great treats for the dog that has it. One of the things that I used to do with Sophie's Kong is fill it full of the Kong liver paste and set it in the freezer. Whenever I was going to leave the house and she had to go into the kennel, the Kong with that wonderful frozen liver paste went with her. She was so occupied with it that I don't think she even realized I had left.

Fillings for Kong Dog Toys

One of the first things you will notice about this dog toy is that the center is hollow. The beauty of a hollow dog toy is that you can fill it with something that your dog will enjoy!
  • Kong Paste- Kong makes a filler specifically for their toys. It comes in many flavors so you can choose the one that your dog likes the best.
  • Peanut Butter- Peanut butter also works as a filling for these toys. You can add as much or as little as you would like. Some dog owners even put their peanut butter filled Kong into the freezer. This creates a nice, cold treat for teething puppies or in the heat of the summer months.
  • Small Hard Treats- The Kong can also be filled with small dog bone treats or other hard treats. As the dog chews, they can on occasion receive a yummy treat.
Filling the toy with the dog's favorite treat will keep their interest. Most dogs are very food motivated so a Kong that is completely ignored empty may just become a favorite when an irresistible treat is added.

Kong is a Multi-Purpose Toy

Since the toy is made of rubber, it bounces when it hits a hard surface. The triangular shape causes it to bounce in some very odd patterns. Sophie and Spudward both enjoy this toy outside as part of a great game of keep away fetch.
I throw the Kong and make sure that it bounces on our concrete driveway and which ever dog is able to figure out the crazy bouncing pattern and get the toy first, wins! They run in circles around the dog that didn't get it until I finally call for it to be brought back to me (if Sophie won it takes FOREVER to get it back) and the game starts all over again.
Since the Kong also has a hole through the center, we have strung it on a rope to play tug of war with the dogs. You can hold onto each end of the rope while the dog has the Kong in their mouth and the tug of war game is on!
The 8-year-old Kong toy
The opportunities for fun with this toy are almost endless.

Would I Buy This Product Again?

There are a few teeth marks in this 8-year-old Kong and it's been through a LOT of chewing, licking and being tossed around. The rubber is still fine with no missing pieces and surprisingly, it hasn't dried out or cracked. My dogs would be lost without their Kong. It's almost like a child's security blanket to them and it was the best $11.50 dog toy I've ever purchased!
I imagine that this toy will ultimately be lost somewhere before it wears out. Then I'll have to buy them another one because they love this toy so much. So yes, I would buy the Kong dog toy again because it really is just that awesome!  In fact I did go ahead buy another one recently and now both Kong chew toys are in use and the new red one one is holding up just as I expected.

This is where I got the last Kong toy that I bought for my Sophie and Spudward..


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