How To Help Your Siberian Husky Get Over Separation Anxiety

"Einstein" by Jasen Miller  CC-BY-2.0 via Flicker
Chances are, you treat your Siberian Husky like a member of the family, and you love him like family. When he is upset, it can make you upset as well. One problem that some husky owners have to face with their dog is separation anxiety.  Like humans, dogs are used to a schedule and when there are changes in the schedule, it can cause them to become upset and this effects their behavior. When a Husky suffers from separation anxiety, their stress will cause them to be destructive. They may chew up household items and urinate and defecate in the house. To treat separation anxiety, you do not want to punish your dog. It will only cause him to be more stressed out and in return it will cause more problems with behavior and emotions in the dog. There are a few ways that you can treat their anxiety issues, which do not include punishment, so he won't feel so stressed out whenever you venture out of the home without him.

Exercise Your Siberian Husky

When the dog is given the proper amount of exercise, it can change a lot of behaviors in the Siberian Husky.  It is a good idea to take your dog for a long walk before you leave the house. This will give him a chance to fully relieve himself, get rid of some energy and he will be ready to rest instead of becoming anxious that you are leaving.  A good visit to a dog park or fenced in area where the sibe can run and play for a while is also a good idea.

Leave Him Some Toys

Before you leave the house, it is a good idea to leave your dog some chew toys and bones. If he begins to feel anxious, he will chew on these things, rather than destroying your furniture or your favorite pair of shoes.

 "Wolfy the Husky" by Reuel Mark Delez
CC-BY-2.0 via Flicker
Doggy Daycare or Pet Sitters

The best way to keep a dog from having separation anxiety is to have someone there with them. When you put your dog in a doggy daycare, they will be able to interact with humans as well as other dogs. Hiring a pet sitter or a dog walker to spend a few hours with your sibe is also a good way to make you dog feel better while you are away from home.

Keep Things Low Key When You Leave

When you are leaving the house, it is a good idea to do so quietly. If your dog does not realize that you are leaving, he will not be as likely to get stressed out.

Crate Train Your Sibe

Crates are a fact of life with the majority of Siberian Huskies to prevent them from doing a lot of things that huskies unfortunately do.  When separation anxiety arises in a sibe, placing the dog into the crate will help protect them from destroying your home.  This will not keep them from experiencing the emotional trauma that they experience and that part will need to be addressed in other ways for the well being of the dog.

Desensitize Your Husky

The best way to prevent separation anxiety is to get your dog comfortable with you leaving the house. Start by putting on your shoes, get your key, and walk to the door. After you do this, take off your shoes, put your keys down, and sit back down. Do this several times a day. This will get your dog used to you leaving. As your dog gets used to you walking to the door, you can leave the house, and come back inside. This will show your dog that you will be back. Once your dog is okay with this, you can get in the car, and drive around the block. After doing this for a while, your dog will be used to you leaving, because he knows that you will be back.

Separation anxiety can be very difficult on your Siberian Husky. If you try one or more of these treatment methods, your dog's anxiety level should decrease, making him feel better while you are gone.