What Treats are Best for a Siberian Husky Dog?

HerPhotographer, CC BY 2.0 via flicker
One of the main concerns of new Siberian Husky owners is making sure that their dog receives the proper nutrition to maintain the health of the dog.  Siberian Huskies are high energy breeds.  They are very active, require a lot of exercise and need the proper fuel to keep them going.  An underweight Husky is not as uncommon as a lot of people would like to believe.

These dogs are also grazers which means they don't eat normal amounts of food at one time.  As a Sibe owner, it can be frustrating when you know your beautiful dog is not getting the proper nutrition to keep those eyes bright and shiny, that coat thick and beautiful and the weight where it needs to be.

Many Husky owners have turned away from commercially made dog treats.  Many of those types of treats are made with grains and fillers that have no real nutritional value.  When you are feeding treats to a type of dog that not only has specific dietary requirements to remain healthy but also has a tendency to be a light eater, feeding treats that contain what the dog needs to remain healthy can actually become important.

 Natural Treats for Siberian Huskies

There are many things that you will find in your pantry that are a better choice when it comes to giving a treat to your Husky.  High protein choices will help ensure that your dog is getting all of the fuel that they need to live the active Sibe life.  Just make sure to monitor how many treats you give your dog each day.  You want them to enjoy their treat but it is by no means a replacement for their food.

Things that I pull out of our pantry or fridge to give to Sophie as treats:
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Pieces of boiled meat, including chicken livers.  Sophie LOVES animal organs.  Just make sure they are thoroughly cooked and unseasoned.
  • Organic peanut butter stuffed into a Kong Toy will not only give the dog a treat, it will keep them busy for a few hours.
  • Homemade jerky  
  • Boiled rice in unseasoned homemade beef or chicken broth
All of these things are excellent treats for a high energy breed like our beloved Siberian Huskies.

Packaged Treats for Siberian Huskies

If going all natural out of your kitchen isn't possible for you, there are a few treats on the market that are higher in protein that are good for high energy dog breeds.  Label reading is extremely important and you want to offer treats that have a solid source of protein as the first ingredient.  Look at the treat label the exact same way your would look at their food label.

When Should I Give My Husky a Treat?

The Sibe's favorite answer to that question is anytime he/she wants one.  As responsible dog owners, we know that treats should be limited.  If your already grazing Husky stops eating their food altogether, the answer is to stop giving him/her so many treats.

Feeding treats is a good opportunity for training and establishing yourself as the leader.  Give the dog a task to do like sitting or laying down and then only give them the treat when they have completed the task.

I have found treats to be an all around useful tool when it comes to my Siberian Husky.  She seems to be able to hear me better when she knows that there is some sort of food involved and will respond to my commands at the drop of a dime.  Of course I'm being sarcastic in that statement, but she does really pay attention because of the simple fact that she really wants the treat.


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