The Importance of Microchipping a Siberian Husky

laura271GSD1, CC BY 2.0, via flicker
One of the most important things, next to choosing the right food and treats, that you can do for your Siberian Husky is get your dog microchipped by a veterinarian.

Thousands of dogs are lost or stolen each year and microchipping is one proven way of getting your dog back if he or she is found and scanned.  All of your contact information is in that chip.

The Siberian Husky is an escape artist.  They have Houdini like escape skills that are sometimes extremely hard to believe.  Combine their ingenuity with surprising problem solving and the desire to run like a rabbit and you can have a recipe for problems.

The Sibe was bred to run long distances and were nomads with no real home.  This has resulted in a dog that really wants to run, but will sometimes get lost and actually forget where they live.  The Siberian Husky is known for not having the same homing sense as other dog breeds.

Needless to say, a Siberian Husky is very prone to escaping the back yard and going out for a full sprinting stroll.

A chainlink fence means absolutely NOTHING to these dogs if they decide that they want out.  These guys are excellent climbers and their feet fit perfectly into the chainlink.  It is similar to you or I climbing a ladder.

They are also REALLY good at digging under fences.  Years ago when these dogs were primarily used for pulling sleds, they would dig themselves a spot to sleep at night.  I thought that Sophie was really talented in the digging department until I saw these guys...

I will never complain about Sophie's digging again.


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