How to Trim a Siberian Husky Dog's Feet

Experienced Husky owners know to never, EVER shave or trim their dog's coat but what about their feet?

Sophie's paw before trimming.
Typical Siberian Husky hair growth between the toes.
Source: Helena Ricketts

Sophie's paw after a quick trim.
The hair is even with the pads on the feet.
Source: Helena Ricketts

The Sibe has a large amount of hair that grows between their toes and the pads on their feet.  The purpose of this hair is to protect the pads of their feet while they are pulling sleds over ice and snow.  It can also make for a slippery sliding walk across the kitchen floor for your dog.  Trimming this hair should be a normal part of grooming you husky.

How to Trim the Hair on Your Sibe's Feet

First, I have to tell you that most dogs do not really care for this.  They will tolerate it but they won't like it.  My guess is that it gives them a tickle sensation while the hair is being trimmed.

You'll want to use a pair of small, sharp scissors to groom the feet.  Hold the Sibe's ankle firmly but don't be rough.  Carefully cut the hair away from pads of the feet paying special attention to not  actually take the scissors between the dog's toes.

Once you have made trimming the feet a regular routine, the dog will start to tolerate it and you'll become more comfortable with this grooming chore.

What Scissors are Best for Trimming a Dog's Feet?

Small grooming scissors with a balled tip work best for cutting the hair away from a dog's feet because they are easier to control that longer, larger scissors.  You never want to take a chance on cutting the dog's foot pads.  It will not only cause the dog pain but can easily lead to an infection that can cause problems later down the road.

I use the TINY TRIM ball tipped small pet grooming scissor 4.5" EAR NOSE FACE PAW to trim Sophie's feet.  The balled tip makes it practically impossible to cut the pads of her feet on accident with the tips of the scissors.  They are small and easy maneuverable around her toes because of the length of the scissors.  They are also economically priced which is always a plus when it comes to pet supplies.

How Often Should I Trim Their Feet?

There really is no set schedule for when to groom the dog's feet.  Each Sibe is different and their hair grows at different rates.  For my dog, it will also depend on the time of year.  I keep Sophie's feet trimmed shorter in the warmer months but will let it grow out a bit during the winter time so she has that protection when she's running around in a snowy backyard.

I Accidentally Cut the Foot Pad, What Should I Do?

First I have to tell you that there are a lot of blood vessels in a dog's foot pad so you will probably see a lot of bleeding for even the smallest cut.  Here's what you can do if you accidentally cut the pad on the dog's foot:
  1. Immediately wash the foot with antibacterial soap.  There are mixed opinions on using hydrogen peroxide on animals but if you are of the opinion that it is ok, then clean the area with hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Examine how deep the cut is.  If it is really deep, you'll need to take the dog to the vet for stitches.
  3. Bandage the cut.  You'll want to put something like aloe vera gel or Grannick Bitter Apple Spray  around the bandage to keep the dog from chewing the bandage off.  You can use a Q-Tip to apply either one.  Make sure you don't put it directly over the cut.
  4. Change the bandage and examine the cut at least once every day to watch for infection.  Dog's aren't picky when it comes to what they walk through so you'll want to keep a close eye on it.
  5. If the pad of the foot starts to change color, the cut starts to smell or has any discharge, it's time to call the vet right away because that means there is an infection setting in.
It can take a while for a dog's foot pad to heal from a cut.  Patience and vigilant observation are two things you'll want to remember when treating a cut to the dog's foot pad.


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  2. It can also make for a slippery sliding walk across the kitchen floor for your dog. Trimming this hair should be a normal part of grooming you grooming

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