Siberian Husky Playtime- Why is My Sibe so Rough?

Sophie wanting to play.
Source: Helena Ricketts
Siberian Huskies enjoy playtime just as much, if not more, than any other high energy breed.  A lot of new owners are shocked at the way it sounds when their Sibe is playing or wrestling with another dog.  It looks like the dog is seriously trying to fight but nothing could be further from the truth.

Huskies Growl, Bark, Snap and Chew

I'm not 100% sure why this breed acts this way when they are in fact just playing.  I do know from personal experience that other dog owners at places such as bark parks will quickly become alarmed when they see and hear my Sophie playing with their dog.  I always explain to them that it's just the way that huskies play.  Most of the time it cures their concern but other times, people just don't understand.

The best way to determine if the Siberian Husky is playing or if there is a real scuffle about to start is by watching the other dog's reactions.  If you see the playmate back away, cower or show any other body language that dogs do when they are arguing, you know your husky just crossed over from playmate to sparring partner.

A dog's body language is the key to knowing whether or not they are playing.

An Example of Huskies at Play

I have always thought that this video is a great example of the way Siberian Huskies play.

As you can see, it can look pretty serious but in all reality, it isn't.


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  2. Great Video! and thanks for the info.Its good to see its not just our 3 Husky sisters are not the only ones who act like this. absolutely Identical thanks

  3. Our two are the same too! The 7 month old male is larger than the 7 month old girl and he gets pretty rough and hurts her. Trying to figure it out but scared to leave them alone together. Seems that he or they don't know when and how to stop.