How to Bathe a Siberian Husky

Source: amber.ittaylor, CC BY, via Flicker
Sibes are usually pretty clean dogs but they do have their moments.  They love things like mud, snow and some are fanatical about water.  My Siberian, Sophie, loves to walk through her water bowl in the summer or play in a shallow baby pool to help her cool off.  You can imagine how dirty a wet Siberian Husky can get!

There are a few tricks to bathing these dogs that make it so much easier and way less messy.  Bathing any breed of dog can be a challenge but when you add in the amount of shedding that happens with a Sibe, you can be in for a long clean up after bath time.

Brush You Husky Before Bath Time

If you forget everything else that I tell you here, this is the one thing that you will not want to forget!

Since these guys are prolific shedding machines, brushing before bathing is a have to thing not to be skipped, ever.  If you do decide to skip this step, most of the time you will end up with a 2 inch layer of wet hair in the tub.  If you aren't sure of the best way to brush your Siberian Husky, take a look at this article and it will explain it all to you in detail.

Choosing a Dog Shampoo

Unless your dog has a skin issue or some type of coat problem, it's pretty simple to choose a dog shampoo that will work.  These dogs do require more shampoo than other breeds because their hair is so thick but there is no need for a specialty shampoo or rinse for a Sibe.

Sophie does well with whatever I purchase and I'm not really brand loyal when it comes to dog shampoo.  I do try to purchase organic or chemical free whenever possible but that's personal preference, not recommendation.

How to Bathe Your Husky

The actual act of bathing a Siberian Husky is not that much different than any other dog except for the amount of shampoo that you use.

  • Wet the dog down from head to toe taking care not to get any water into the ears.
  • Put the shampoo on the dog or on your hand (with a husky, you can save time by just putting it on the dog) and start massaging the shampoo into the dog's coat.
  • Don't forget to wash the dog's stomach and under the tail.  These are two places where the husky can get dirty.
  • Rinse thoroughly until the water coming off of the dog has no suds.
  • Either towel dry the dog or blow dry on a low setting with a hair dryer.
  • Brush them again once they are completely dry.

A Few Tips for Bathing a Dog

Here are also a few tips on things you'll want to know for bathing any dog!

  • To keep the dog from shaking off the water and soaking you and everything around you in the room, gently hold one of the dog's front paws off of the ground.  They can not keep their balance to shake so they won't even try it.
  • Dogs are generally pretty good at keeping themselves clean.  Unless you have a serious stinker, only bathe your dog when necessary to avoid creating any dry skin issues.
  • If your dog has issues with getting water on their face, you can use a towel bath to clean the fur on their face.  Never force a dog to "handle" getting their face wet.  It will eventually make them hate getting a bath and the entire process will become unpleasant for you and the dog.


  1. My pup hates bathing, any suggestions to make bath time easy?

    1. I suggest that you feed your puppy a few tasty and favourite treats. Also I suggest you give it a few baby bath toys. However, holding your puppy and let her float on the water.

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  3. My Husky dislikes a bath he cries and howls like a big baby the whole time. Do you have any suggestions? He lives being brushed but doesn't like the water in the bath.

    1. Used to have problems brushing my husky until I realized it's really a training issue. Reward them heavily for preferred behavior and they'll adopt a new behavior. Calm and quiet is what you want to target. Hard part is getting your mind around the fact that doing nothing is a reason for reward; after that, it's just like teaching stay. Isolate and elongate.

    2. Try making water a fun game...hose pipe is a good place to start..I have 3 sibes ..Two are whitevdo are dirt magnets!..THEY USED YO FEAR BATH TIME..and two now love to race around the garden being chased with the hosepipe. And are happy to get in the tub and splosh around. .keep the water level low or you'll regret it when they start digging! .
      I started yo get them used to water with bubbles?.blowing bubbles for them to chase , progresding onto water bowls with bubnke bath..then paddling pool full of bubbles..gradually the bubbles got less until just clear water..I would splish and splash jn it with them watching with intrigue until they found the nerve to tramp in themselves, it didn't take long before they were hopping in water everywhere, local fountains, puddles..... The third is more timid nature, a nice soapy bucket and a large car sponge to squeeze gently around the body and legs.. works well followed by a paddling pool to walk through after with treats for acknowleding the effort..huskies love to be praised whatever their personality .they realky want yo please you despite their nonchalant aloofness . don't be afraid to wet your husky outside with cold water..let's not forget the temp of siberian snow! ..and a game is always fun for huskies ..I like to give mine a pile of fleecy blankets and towels to roll and play in after to dry off and snuggle in..They soon after crash out and wake up soft and fluffy! And most of all CLEAN,for about an hour!
      Don't make your pal get in the bath if it upsets him so.try to find a fun approach that will work for him..he'll respect you for not forcing the issue. .of he likes the brushing, try doing it with a wet brush to get him used to water, and keep talking to him to whole time keeping his attention diverted from the water...hope I've given you some ideas at least. .good luck

  4. ours same try shower not quite as much fuss

  5. Bathing a dog is not an easy task, and I am glad that there are articles like this that discuss bathing with specific breeds - this time for the Siberian Husky. For general bathing and home grooming procedures, this article that I’ve found might help: