Tips on Buying a Siberian Husky Puppy

Siberian Husky Puppy
Source: Pamela Carls
First things first.  If you are looking to add a Siberian Husky dog to your home, check your local shelters first.  There are so many of these dogs that have been abandoned by previous owners that did not understand the specifics and traits of the breed.

There are also rescue groups that deal specifically with this dog breed that are located all over the country.  Please check Petfinder to find one in your area.  Simply choose the Husky breed and type in your zip code and all available rescue Husky dogs that are available in your area will be shown to you.  Sometimes they even have puppies!

If you are dead set against rescuing a Husky then you will need to choose a good breeder.  A good Siberian Husky breeder does not allow litters to be born during the hot months of the year.  Their litters will come in the fall and the spring.

These dogs are bred for cold weather climates and a pregnancy places stress on the dog's body that is unnecessary and can be hard on the dog in the summer time.  Occasionally there may be an "oops" litter but this shows irresponsibility on the breeder's part so you may want to choose another breeder.

Responsible dog breeders will take the extra steps necessary to maintain the breed standards and prevent unwanted litters from occurring in their puppies.  Since so many of these dogs end up being turned over or abandoned because of the owner misunderstanding the requirements and traits in the Siberian Husky, many breeders have decided to enact agreements with their puppy's new owners that the dog is to be spayed or neutered.  They will also have a surrender agreement in place for the dog's return if the new owner can not keep them for any reason.

That is the dog breeder that you want to work with because they are interested in maintaining the integrity of the breed and the safety of the puppies they provide.

How much the puppies cost can vary greatly.  Just because the puppy is expensive does not mean it is superior.  I have seen these puppies sell for as little as $150.00 and as much as $600.00.

Where did your Husky come from?  If you are getting one soon, where do you plan on getting yours from?


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