The Siberian Husky Eye Color

When people think of the Siberian Husky eye color, they generally think of those bright ocean blue eyes. You have to admit that they are quite striking and captivating but Huskies can also come with brown eyes or what is referred to as a parti-eye.

 The same eye contains both blue and brown in the iris. When you look at Sophie's eyes, you'll notice that her left eye is that beautiful Siberian blue. Her right eye? Well... that's a perfect example of the parti-eye.

Some people say that if a Husky has two blue eyes that they aren't full blooded or if they have two brown eyes that they aren't full blooded.  According the the AKC breeding standards, a true Husky can have any combination of eye color and it's still a Siberian Husky.

Sophie's parti-eye acts as a mood ring.  When she's happy, it's mostly blue.  When she's annoyed, it's mostly brown.  I know that's odd but that's Sophie!

What color are your Sibe's eyes?


  1. My Husky has one Blue eye and one Brown eye :)

  2. My two huskies with parti eyes do the same, I also call them their mood eyes 😃